Ensuring quality and equity in education.

The mission of the Hill District Education Council is to ensure quality and equity in public schools in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, PA and to take action on the very crucial current issues facing public education in the community, including low student achievement, parent involvement, and professional accountability.

The Hill District Education Council is a community based organization advocating for the educational needs of Hill District students. The organization is co-founded by Rev. Dr. Johnnie Monroe and Sala Udin.

Take Action

 Here is your opportunity to join others in the fight for quality education of Hill District students. As a parent, you can join the parent involvement committee as we work to strengthen parents’ input in their child’s education. As a community member, you can work alongside other community members to enhance the quality of education for students in the Hill. 

This is not the time to sit back! We all have to work together to provide our students the best possible advantage in education. Thank you for taking the opportunity to get involved.